How To Search Out Out Every Part There Is To Know About Menstrual Cups

Even though the Super Jennie L is what Jen uses, it will not be the proper cup for you based mostly on other factors such as the length (famous on the chart) or the truth that it’s a softer cup (meaning it may be tougher to open and create a seal, especially for newbies to menstrual cups). Since cheap cups are often thinner and less durable than more expensive cups, you won’t get a real sense of how properly a cup would work for you. There’s usually a short stem or some other grip at the base, to means you can get a superb hold on it while you wish to take it away. To get to the bottom of this, we determined to go head-to-head…

Have you ever read the little paper that comes in the tampon box? That mentioned, Dr. Osawe advises ladies to empty the cup every eight hours and change their pad or tampon every 4 hours. When menstrual cups were slowly introduced to the general public, it was the period of ladies who were not presupposed to discuss their period or their bleeding vaginas in public. That’s whenever you overlook you’re on your interval because of a cup! That’s 4-8x the normal amount! After we determined to make a video about heavy durations, it solely made sense to companion with Tremendous Jennie. It’s laborious to think about keeping up with daily activities with such a heavy period, and it was until Jen finally found her excellent combination to make her periods livable.

If you’re experiencing heavy intervals just like Jen, we will counsel looking at our Menstrual Cup Comparability Chart to search out the cups with the best capability. We perceive it may be extremely difficult to manage intervals of this magnitude, but when something is capable of aiding it – it’s a menstrual cup! You insert your menstrual cup into your vagina, so it’s literally inside it. Menstrual cups fit into the vagina. While you look at the typical price over time, menstrual cups will prevent 1000’s dollars. A greater wager is to do your research to find a cup that can meet your needs long-term. After an embarrassing incident, which I’ll relate in another article, I realized that tampons and pads have been inefficient.